What Is The Importance Of Privacy In An Office

What Is The Importance Of Privacy In An Office?

Among other vital concerns in a person’s life comes smartglass privacy at the workplace. With the up-gradation of technology, organizations are witnessing immense growth in profits due to the reduction in operating costs. Employees having access to the internet can communicate with each other through emails. But everything has downsides. Apart from the significant advantages the internet can provide to an enterprise, it also exploits an employee’s privacy. Employers have access to their emails and other personal information.

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What is Employee Monitoring?

When an employer monitors the activities of an employee, it is known as employee monitoring. Organizations practice this strategy to keep an eye out for employee performance, preserve business secrets, avoid legal liabilities, and other security issues.

There are several methods of employee monitoring. Cellphone tapping, access to emails, surveillance software, etc. are some commonly used methods. It helps the company in keeping track of individual productivity.   While an employer feels monitoring is necessary to increase productivity, an employee will not agree. Privacy is the prime concern here. With these methods, an employee cannot work with full concentration. Let’s discuss the importance of privacy in the workplace.


Reasons why privacy is crucial in an office

Like any other individual, an employee’s privacy matters. In a working environment, where numerous people work in different departments, the boss can access anyone’s information. It is an invasion of privacy. A worker needs autonomy. But with their private matters in the hands of upper management provides them with lesser control. Here are some reasons why privacy is necessary for an office:


  • Induces creativity: One cannot concentrate on their ideas while their bosses exert power and control over them. For creative ideas to develop, a person needs a quiet place. With email surveillance, you cannot communicate your ideas with whom you want.
  • Autonomy: With smart glass Malaysia privacy comes the power to think. When an employer invades an employee’s private matters, they lose their freedom. 
  • Trust issues: An intrusion of privacy can also lead to mistrust. It will only reduce their morale, followed by low productivity.
  • Misuse: If a third party gets hold of your information, it may get mistreated. They may exploit their details. So, unwanted access can result in blackmailing.
  • Stress: Video surveillance can result in increased stress levels. Employees become more self-conscious about their activities.
  • Higher cost: Even though employee monitoring increases productivity and customer satisfaction, it can incur higher expenses.


  • Increase in Employee turnover: Due to their privacy invasion, employees may leave the organizations for good. It will become troublesome to retain them for the company.

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Sum up

Privacy in any environment is crucial. You would not want someone else reading your private conversations or misusing your information. Employee monitoring not only costs money but also employees. The company may lose its highly efficient employees. On the other hand, it can also release the dishonest ones. Monitoring will help them identify the loopholes in plans. And then, it can take appropriate actions to rectify the errors. But the privacy of an individual should be higher on the priority list.