Nobody would have hoped for that: David Hasselhoff will release his new album in September. It contains: Cover versions from David Bowie to Whitesnake to Udo Jürgens and a really extremely unexpected guest list.

David Hasselhoff and Al Jourgensen from Ministry meet in the studio … What sounds like the beginning of a strange joke became a reality for the new studio album by the American actor ( Baywatch, Knight Rider ). It had been known for some time that the dissimilar pair of musicians had agreed to work together. Now the time has come: Hasselhoff announced the title, tracklist, and release date of the album.

Details about the new Hoff album

The 67-year-old’s new work will be called Open Your Eyes and will see the light of day on September 27th. It contains a number of collaborations and covers that you would not have expected from him – without a doubt, the collaboration with Ministry is the strangest of them. Hasselhoff and industrial metal icon Jourgensen cover the Neil Diamond song Sweet Caroline together.

Jourgensen had already told Billboard about the collaboration last year. . “David Hasselhoff has a new album coming up… and for some reason… he thought I was the perfect person to mix it up. So me: ‘I’m in! I accept the challenge. That could be cool ‘and lo and behold, when I heard it, I felt like I was on the best MDMA from Timothy Leary I’ve ever had! “

Guests and covers

Right at the beginning of the record, Hasselhoff amazes with another surprising collaboration: For the title track (originally by the Goth rock band The Lords of the New Church), he teamed up with The Stooges guitarist James Williamson. Other guests: Billy Idol guitarist Steve Stevens, who interprets Modern English with Hasselhoff’s I Melt With You; LA sleaze rock veteran Tracii Guns – with him The Hoff covers the Whitesnake song Here I Go Again – as well as Todd Rundgren, Ava Cherry, and Steve Cropper.

Hasselhoff even takes on a David Bowie piece – and not just anyone. Together with the Marilyn Manson collaborator Tyler Bates, a cover version of Heroes is also on the program. Hasselhoff also pays tribute to an Austrian artist: the CD version also features the Udo Jürgens piece At the age of 66.

Something about the wall

Of course, there is also a reference to the Berlin Wall again – the fall of which The Hoff claims to have initiated with the piece Looking For Freedom from his point of view: The album will be released for the 30th anniversary of the fall of the wall.

Incidentally, Hasselhoff’s recent collaboration with Blümchen is not included on the album.