Frequently Asked Questions

Can you explain this to me in one sentence please?
Yes. Sign up to our campaign to get the Hoff to number one in the UK download chart by first registering your e-mail address to show your support. When we have 75000 sign ups, The Hoff Alert will be sent, tipping you the wink that it's time… Time to buy David Hasselhoff's awesome masterpiece "Jump In My Car" from the internet . This will then shoot his single deep into the download charts, thus generating musical history. Incidentally we realise that wasn't one sentence.

Why are you doing this? Is this a marketing campaign by Hasselhoff or something?
No, and nor are we making any money from this. We are doing this purely from the good of our hearts to give the legend the respect he rightfully deserves.

And so why do you need my email?
To send out The Hoff Alert. For this campaign to be successful everyone needs to buy the single in the same week.

What is The Hoff Alert?
We've already explained it, but it's essentially an email we send to you when we feel we have enough Hoff supporters to get him a top spot.

Why will The Hoff Alert be sent after 75,000 sign ups?
We reckon that 25,000 signs up should enable us to get the Mighty Hoff into the top 10. Over the last 10 years, sales of 25,000 have been enough to guarantee a top 10 spot - but in recent years this figure has declined and in 2003, just 13,000 were required on average. So even if only half of those who sign up for the Hoff Alert actually go and buy "Jump In My Car", we should still be in for a top 10 spot.

Obviously to hit the number 1 spot will require a few more sign-ups. The figure required to get to the top position can vary pretty widely from week to week. Looking at sales figures for number 1s recently, we are setting the bar at 75,000 sign-ups before we push the Alert button.

Which Hoff single do you want to send to number 1?
Initially "Looking for Freedom" was the single of choice as it was instrumental in the reunification of the East and West Germanies. But since "Jump In My Car" is being released and is another golden bullet from the Hoff Pop Gun, it now seems the obvious choice.

Was the Hoff really responsible for the fall of the Berlin Wall?
Some say he had absolutely nothing to do with it, however Hasselhoff says he did, and that's good enough for us.

Haven't you got anything better to do with your time than try to get a hairy chested man who talked to a car throughout the 80s to number 1?
Apparently not.