Tuesday, 3rd October 2006
Lock up your daughters, The Hoff Alert is on the loose!!! If you have signed up to this campaign you should have received (email filters permitting) the Hoff Alert email instructing you to buy Hoff’s stranger danger masterpiece (from the stranger’s point of view) Jump In My Car.

Whether you signed up or not you can still buy the single from here, or any other online music store.

For those who’ve been following this campaign closely you will have noticed that we initially set our sign up target on the Hoffometer to 75,000. With hindsight this figure looks unnecessarily ambitious and as the Hoff single was released yesterday, it makes sense to ping out the Hoff Alert now. Especially since we have over 40,000 sign ups, which could potentially make this one of the biggest number 1s ever.

Saturday, 30th September 2006
The moment of truth draws near with the release of Jump in My Car just 2 days away, creating the sort of nervous tension felt by a young lady as a mysterious man with unclear intentions beckons her into his talking car.

The success of this campaign has obviously been dependent on getting lots of support and we’ve got a few late boosters from a variety of diverse sources, including Hasselhoff’s very own pet hawk.


Incidentally for those who are interested (we’ve received a number of emails and messages about this), this campaign is not a front for Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills/some kind of official marketing effort etc. We know he has been promoting our website on his show (see above), for which we are grateful as it seems to have boosted sign ups by a couple of thousand. But this campaign was set up for the Hoff by the good people of the interweb (over 40,000 now). So if we could tone down the anti-Scott Mills comments on the message board and focus on getting Mr Hoff to the place where he surely belongs. The Top of the Charts.

Saturday, 9th September 2006
Well our attempt to update the blog more frequently has not gone entirely as planned. However, we are posting today because of some big news in the Hoffosphere. Thanks to the public outcry for a Hoff single release, it seems that "Jump In My Car", the anthem of lecherous motorists everywhere, will be released in the UK on October 2nd, which is actually quite soon.

I'm sure you have all seen it cos it's been winging its way round the interweb faster than a girl getting out of a leather-clad lothario's sports car, but check it out here anyway.

Also The Sun have now got behind the campaign, as has Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills. You can read the article here:

Obviously, this means that the Hoff Alert is now imminent. Please prepare yourself in whatever way you feel necessary...

Saturday, 29th July 2006
Finally then an update to the blog. Apologies for the delay, a combination of being a)busy and b)lazy. Plus the Hoff has been in the news so much recently it’s been kind of hard to know where to start. But we’re going to try and update this much more regularly now.

We’ve done a few radio shows recently to publicise the campaign:

The Dave Fanning Show on Ireland's RTE Radio. Listen from 0:28
The Ugly Phil breakfast Show on Kerrang Radio. Listen from 1:42

There’s also been a plethora of Hoffage in the press, with the big man making notable appearances at Wimbledon, Heathrow airport and injuring himself at his London hotel.

As for the campaign, we’re still waiting to hear if Jump In My Car is going to get a UK release, which we’ll need if we want to make that the song we get behind. Hopefully someone somewhere in a record company will see sense and give it a release date, after all this campaign now has over 30,000 signups.

We also have a few other possible exciting developments in the pipeline. One thing we are planning is a big Hoff Party to drum up some more publicity for the campaign - we hope to be able to release details of this in the next few weeks - it will involve a Hoff of some sorts (maybe not the actual man himself) belting out some classic tunes. And maybe a replica Berlin Wall he can tear down.

Wednesday, 14th June 2006
Last Friday was a good day all round, the World Cup started and we crossed the 10,000 barrier just as Germany were scoring their first goal. Thousands of screaming German fans - a fitting tribute. Since then we've continued our steady ascent up Mount Hasselhoff, thanks to a wide range of kind press and internet coverage spread across the globe. On Sunday we featured in The Observer's 'Das Bootroom' section and below is that and a smattering of other interesting webpages we've been on, including MSN in New Zealand, New Kerala in India and British democratic think tank Demos.

Thursday, 8th June 2006
Well, the last few days things have started to speed along like Michael Knight in a talking car. We’ve had a lovely half page in the Evening Standard and some coverage in the Daily Mail and Metro online, plus some TV interest in the site which has all been slightly unbelievable. All of which means that sign ups have really begun to fly and we’re now making good progress up the hoff-o-meter.

And even more excitingly we now know from his people that the big man himself is aware of the site. Not sure if he’s signed up yet but Hoff, if you are reading this, we love you man. Let’s get you to No.1!

Friday, 2nd June 2006
We've reached the 1000 mark, well 1281 to be precise. The Hoff will surely be polishing his mike in preparation for his number 1. There's also now a new message board for you to daub with your Hoff well-wishing.

Friday, 28th April 2006
Just noticed that the Hoff has been copping some flak from the tabloids for his decision to star in a pantomime this Christmas. Apparently he’ll be starring as Captain Hook at the New Wimbledon Theatre alongside TV un-funnyman Bobby Davro. The Sun in particular seems to have taken very much a ‘look how the mighty have fallen’ approach to reporting this. So the campaign now becomes even more important.

Friday,21st April 2006
Well today sees the beginning of the campaign to get Mr.David Hasselhoff right up where he belongs – no.1 in the charts. The website is made, the thermometer is waiting to fill up and now we wait for you, the good citizens of the internet, to do the right thing and get behind the Hoff.